What its like to become a Parent: Feelings that seem strange.


It feels very strange when we get married at first and every thing in the home becomes very new. it is very important that we understand that as new couples, getting into marriage for the first time, is like getting into a new house where we will need to be showed around that house by someone who knows better about the house, in order for us not to make mistakes.

Parenting of a truth, is a new ward and a new world of its own. permit me to share with you my exact feelings about parenting, as in the first time i got into it.

The first time i got into marriage, first, i was in my final year in the university. i got wedded to my husband in the year 2016 and then the next thing in my mind was how would parenting feet me as an individual and the wife.

During my final year period in the second semester, i was already pregnant for my husband after our wedding in the first semester. i had to go to school with pregnancy, defend my projects and also do school runs. to be frank with you, it was not easy as a quick bite through a pie. the things am sharing with you now, i never told my parents nor husband then. I had a lot of worries about how i was going to carry the baby through for 9 months and also i had fears of how to be the best of wife to my husband, the best of a daughter in law, the best of a daughter and also the best of a mom in the making. Keeping up with chores and husband needs were like taking mathematics under an excruciating sunlight. Mine was so heavy to me because i have to mange all sides and the present condition which i was into then, was strange to me. but i got an insight to learn how to number my fears and attend to them one after the other. later on i found out that it was just easy after all.

What its like, to become a parent…

  1. Obligations: you are obliged to a lot of position and personalities and even visitors. you must see how to balance them so as not to be faulted in any ways. but when doing this, you must never do it with force, and over pressuring yourself, you should have inner peace and never allow anything take your peace from you.
  2. Anxiousness: you become anxious on the way to prove a point or your point in a perfect way to your spouse, especially measuring up in your duties, how to get money to make sure your family do not starve and how to take care of the home so your man may see you perfect, you should be mindful of those, yea but also dont be extreme about it.
  3. Accommodation attitudes: yes… this is right, you must learn how to accommodate you spouse, parents, in laws, and even yourself. i mentioned yourself, yes.. you should learn how to accommodate yourself when you feel uneasy.
  4. Pregnancy moods: when a woman is pregnant, her spouse should be very much aware that he is pregnant also. Pregnancy comes with different kinds of moods and such mood can be very demanding and stressful too. but understanding and love makes it easy.
  5. Character swing: people might see it very strange at a time when their spouse starts to act differently from the normal and then he or she starts to ask what has happened at the long run.. you should know that in marriage a lot of changes happens that are capable of changing any of the spouse at the long run and this can be attributed to time, management and seasons. No matter how this turns out to be, you must learn not to allow this control you as an individual hence it might ruin the marriage
  6. Overly excited and spending: i remember when we were welcome our first daughter, my husband bought everything that is related to babies and even buying things of when she will be 2 years.. it was trilling and he spent on any thing that passes his way like she was the only baby we had decided to have.. this was done because he was overly excited and if for instance after spending all he wished to spend and then something had happened to the source of income, it would had affected us in a long run, therefore, it is wise that no matter how it trills us as couples and new parents to spend either on night dates and outings or buying things, we should remember that it is wise we spend carefully.

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My name is Joy Brown Nosike a.k.a. Mumzibah. With over 6 years of experience in counseling and coaching, Mumzibah is dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate the complexities of modern relationships and family dynamics. Mumzibah’s journey into coaching began with a passion for understanding human behavior and a desire to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Her background in counseling has equipped her with valuable insights and skills to guide clients towards healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

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