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In-between | undefined relationships

On this post today, we will be seeing some pivotal post in here which deals with these;

  • I am exploring the concept of undefined relationships.
  • We are discussing why undefined relationships are becoming more common in modern society.

Undefined relationships are Munky and things like communications, emotions, and headways are stuffy here.

What do undefined relationships mean?

Undefined relationships are without directions and happen based on situations, opportunities, or vulnerabilities. sometimes, this kind of relationship does not have a plan, and it’s the opposite of a defined relationship.

There are a lot of undefined relationships out there and some people are hopeful that such relationships will end up in a serious relationship someday which is sometimes impossible.

I say so because there are categories of persons who love to be involved in such kind of a relationship and these people do not want to stay committed.

An undefined relationship can be between any party, such parties could be between staff and a boss, a married woman to staff, staff and staff, teen friendships, and any other party.

I talked more about this on my podcast, this a beautiful series and there are personal anecdotes of mine that you can learn from on the podcast.

Why are undefined relationships being on the rise in our modern society?

  1. Trend as a factor
  2. dating cultures
  3. dating apps
  4. peer influence
  5. fear of commitment
  6. inability to set boundaries
  7. vulnerability
  8. emotional regulation.
  9. poor self-control ability.
  10. Uncontentment.

Because of these factors, people are more engaged in such relationships. Let me shed more light on each.

  1. Trend: About 80% of people believe in the trend factor. and when they do not practice this, they feel out of place. This kind of person wants to do what they find on cyber and what majorities have been doing and are successful to some extent without weighing the pros and cons.
  2. Dating Cultures: Many people are from various backgrounds and believe in different things. some believe in having sexual relationships with a lot of girls before settling down with one. some too believe in marrying a decent woman for a wife and having a sex partner outside the matrimony for self-satisfaction.
  3. Dating Apps: this has made the situation worse because there are varieties on the cyber every day and people who do not know how to control their feelings find themselves entangled in having this kind of relationship with multiple or a partner.
  4. Peer influence: some persons are easily influenced into such a lifestyle by their friends or peers.
  5. Fear of Commitment: Categories of people who indulge in this have a fear of commitment as I said earlier and for this, they hide under the shade of an undefined relationship.
  6. Inability to set Boundaries: Boundary setting in a relationship is key and when avoided a lot of messy things are welcomed irrespective of whether you are okay with it or not.
  7. Vulnerability: As an emotion coach, I must tell you when your vulnerability as a person has been discovered by an opportunist or player, he or she is bound to dwell on this, and before you know what’s happening, you find yourself in this setting of a relationship.
  8. Emotional regulation: when someone can not manage his or her emotions properly, entanglement may occur and this type of relationship is not far-fetched.
  9. Poor self-control ability: lack of self-control can push someone into this kind of relationship. if you lack self-control anything can go- I mean you can start mixing intimacies like sex in casual friendship.
  10. Uncontentment: both singles and married partners find themselves entangled in this web. when a man who is married, is not contented with what his wife is giving him in the relationship like sex, care, respect, and more, he may resort to keeping someone else outside who might be a staff or friend and sharing intimacies.

finally, everyone involved in an undefined relationship must know that expectations in a defined relationship are quite different from an undefined relationship.

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I wish you all the best in your relationships

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My name is Joy Brown Nosike a.k.a. Mumzibah. With over 6 years of experience in counseling and coaching, Mumzibah is dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate the complexities of modern relationships and family dynamics. Mumzibah’s journey into coaching began with a passion for understanding human behavior and a desire to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Her background in counseling has equipped her with valuable insights and skills to guide clients towards healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

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